Our Team

Our Team

The success of any organization’s mission is directly related to the quality of the people it recruits. At Achievement Prep, we work hard to get the right people “on the bus.” The Achievement Prep team is made up of the best, brightest, and most passionate in education. Working from a common mission and committed to shared goals, the Achievement Prep team works relentlessly to close the achievement gap for our scholars. We are non-negotiable in our beliefs, yet we are always striving to improve who we are and what we do. Together we do “three-generational work,” knowing if we change the lives of our scholars, we change the lives of their parents and the lives of their future children.

Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

Campus Leadership

Wahler Place Elementary Campus
Samantha Granville, Principal-In-Residence, Wahler Place Elementary School
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Tanya Tilghman, Assistant Principal, Wahler Place Elementary School

Tanya Tilghman: Tanya Tilghman joined Achievement Prep in October of 2010. She previously served as the Director of Special Projects, in which she oversaw various network-wide initiatives for the organization. She’s worked closely with the Founder & CEO, and school leadership to develop and oversee systems for all non-instructional activity to include school meal program management, facilities and maintenance contract management, and execution of various strategic plan initiatives. Prior to her current role, Mrs. Tilghman also served as a campus-based Dean of Operations, as well as the Assistant to the Founder & Head of School. Before joining Achievement Prep, Mrs. Tilghman held various positions throughout the public and private sector of education in the state of Maryland. She holds a degree in Business Administration.

AppleTree@Achievement Prep Campus
Erin Hindes, Principal, AppleTree@Achievement Prep
Joi Leverette, Operations Coordinator, AppleTree@Achievement Prep

Network Office

Sarah Lewis, Interim CEO

Sarah Lewis: Sarah is a Master educator with 15 years of demonstrated success across multiple geographies and genres – Kindergarten – 9th grade.  Lewis has maximized opportunities to promote excellence through best-in-class student achievement and leadership since receiving her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education from Hampton University. 

She is the recipient of multiple certificates and awards for her unwavering belief and results.  In her most recent past as Dean and Principal of a high-performing CMO, she has utilized both conventional and unconventional modes to navigate Common Core and the needs of trauma-sensitive populations.  Sarah’s work extends beyond exemplary instruction to that of data and assessment analysis, people leadership, program development, teacher coaching, family mentorship, and school culture consulting.  

She relishes in the building blocks of teaching in her publication, The Educator’s Workbook: Core Keys to Classroom Success.  In addition, she partners with several organizations also committed to scholar greatness, including the Ed Council for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and National Alliance of Black School Educators.  Lewis brings a wealth of experience to her role as Chief of Schools for Achievement Prep and advocate for all children.

Coy Nesbitt, Managing Director of Operations

Coy Nesbitt: Coy serves as Achievement Prep’s Chief People Officer. He is focused on our people functions, ensuring integration and alignment between recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, succession and employee support/administration-ultimately leading efforts to make Achievement Prep a “best place to work”. Coy completed the Broad Residency at Tulsa Public Schools where he led teacher recruitment and retention for the district’s more than 2,500 instructional staff. Prior to TPS, Coy spent more than a decade in finance and healthcare both at the federal and provider level. He has a bachelor’s degree from St. College of Maryland and a master’s of science in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Cherie Crosby, Director of Recruitment & Outreach
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Tamiko Singleton, Operations Manager
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