Aaron Colston

Aaron Colston is a native of Roanoke Virginia and alumnus of Wake Forest University.

He started his career within education with Teach for America and has found his passion for service and community in communities that look like where he grew up.
Aaron has taught in both public schools and charter schools where he garnered his specialization 4-8 English/Language Arts. After seeing strong quantifiable outcomes for scholars he was ready for his next challenge which garnered his transition to People work. He started off as a Instructional Recruiter staffing schools all over the country- Tennessee, Texas, California, and Washington, DC. From there he went on to manage recruitment teams and broadened his scope of responsibilities to recruit ALL roles in education from Leaders to Network Level roles. Throughout his career he always names that he is a teacher first, as his background in the classroom sets the foundation for his success to recruit and retain mission aligned talent.
At Achievement Prep Aaron manages the People Team functions: Recruitment, Development, Human Resources, Onboarding, and Compliance.
In his free time, he loves trying new restaurants, traveling both domestically and internationally, and making memories with his friends and family