Working at Achievement Prep

Schools that offer high-quality programs and produce outstanding results for students do so because they expect excellence from all members of the school community, and they create the structures and systems that support that expectation. We are acutely aware of the importance of strong leadership to the creation of a high-performing urban school. Therefore, we seek passionate and talented individuals who are committed to creating a culture of excellence at Achievement Prep.

Why Join Achievement Prep?

Scholar Achievement is Our Priority: Together we make a commitment to focus relentlessly on scholar achievement and close any achievement gaps. We are committed to ensuring that every child that attends our school achieves to the highest levels. We have committed that we will not let “adult issues” get in the way of educating our scholars. Exemplary Teaching Matters to Us: We understand, develop, and support great teaching. Achievement Prep teachers receive frequent feedback on their instruction from leaders who believe that outstanding teaching is the only way to close the achievement gap. We also believe that like all professionals, teachers must continually have the opportunity to improve their craft, and we prioritize our teachers’ professional development. Our Team is Motivated: We are a determined team of educators who push one another to create and to sustain an outstanding environment for teaching and learning. We are driven by a belief that the quality of our instruction has the most immediate impact on our ability to achieve our mission. We Achieve Incredible Results Together: Achievement Prep has been consistently rated as an award winning school by the DC Public Charter School Board. Our scholars are among the highest performing students in the District of Columbia, often outperforming their peers in more affluent parts of the District. Our Teachers are Leaders: Teachers at our school also make an impact outside the classroom and have the opportunity to take on school responsibilities including curriculum design, family partnerships, culture building, and school planning. Our Team Goes Above and Beyond: We believe that more time on task helps our scholars and teachers achieve great results. We have to do in one year what our scholars should have received in two to four years. Our scholars attend school from 8am to 4:15pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 8am to 1:30pm on Wednesdays. Achievement Prep teachers close the achievement gap from 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Closing the achievement gap in education is hard work. It requires commitment, dedication and a relentless and unapologetic focus on scholar achievement. If that is you – we want you to join us at Achievement Prep. Click here to find your next career with Achievement Prep.