Together we do “three-generational work,” knowing that if we change the lives ofour scholars, we change the lives of their parents and the lives of their future children.Read more


Why Choose Achievement Prep

  • Tuition-free public charter school
  • Best teachers in the city
  • Firm belief that all students can succeed
  • College-prep program
  • Focus on literacy and math
  • 1:1 Chromebook for every scholar
  • Character development
  • Safe and structured environment
  • Extended school day

"I really appreciate that Achievement Prep has structure and a great plan for educating my son."

Parent of 6th grade scholar

"The Achievement Prep culture is very supportive and allows me to do what I do best - teach!"

Sixth Grade Math Teacher
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Connect With Us


Our Parent Appreciation Pop-up is this Friday, January 27th, 3:45PM-4:15PM at the main entrance.

At the pop-up, we will ask you 2-3 quick survey questions to better understand your thoughts about Achievement Prep. Please be honest about your experience so we can improve our practice. You may also grab some APA swag while you're here!

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Congratulations Ms. Wong!- Ms. Wong goes above and beyond in all that she does. You can watch her walk around the building and see the focus on 100% scholars in every action. Whether in her own classroom or just walking the building, Ms. Wong is all in each day. You might spot this by her giving scholars feedback to correct themselves or just checking in to see if a scholar needs support in or out of the classroom. All of this is of course, done with a high bar. From the start of the day, Ms. Wong holds down breakfast and ensures that scholars meet 100% expectations regardless of how many adults are in the space to hold them accountable. In addition, she is always brainstorming ways to improve practices. Then, on her own schedule, she is making sure to use resources and get creative to support intervening for as many grades and scholars as possible. #PlatinumTeachers #SuperHero ...

Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very own, Ms. Granville! Enjoy your special day! Cheers to YOU! #APrepBirthday #PlatinumTeachers #Gr8Schools ...

Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to our very own, Ms. Selby! Cheers to YOU! #APrepBirthday #PlatinumTeachers #Gr8Schools ...

#PlatinumParents Here’s a friendly reminder that we are closed Monday, January 16, 2023 in observance of MLK Day.

#MLKDay is the only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service to encourage us all to volunteer to improve our communities.

How are you planning to serve this holiday?!

Congratulations Ms. J! Our Superhero of the week really exemplifies doggedness and determination in every part of her work. Throughout the day she can be found stopping scholars in the hallway and proactively supporting but also just popping into classrooms to check on scholars we love the most and make sure they are on the right track. Especially this week, proactive check-ins have been a huge highlight. Not only that, but in a week where things were tight, Ms. J jumped in and supported with subs, covering extra duties, and understood the need for additional proactive monitoring of the building. Of course sometimes there is a need to respond and Ms. J was there for all of the resets, do it agains, and holding scholars to 100% especially in sibling pick up and morning meeting this week. #PlatinumTeachers #Superhero ...

Congratulations Ms. Franklin! Our Superhero has really embraced growth since joining the team, not only for scholars but herself. Ms. Franklin has really embraced growth since joining the team, not only for scholars but herself. While a huge part of the work she has been working on is building relationships with scholars and teammates alike, Ms. Franklin has embraced every new challenge with open arms. She is consistently seeking to strengthen practice for scholars, which was evident in the work done at data day through both planning and practice. Continuing through this week, that desire to dive into the data and continue to make shifts to reinforce priority skills has meant that Ms. Franklin is checking in with anyone who can be a resource. #PlatinumTeachers #Superhero ...

Join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very own, Ms. Cunningham! Enjoy your special day! Cheers to YOU! #APrepBirthday #PlatinumTeachers #Gr8Schools ...

Happy Holidays to you and yours! ...