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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare students to excel as high-achieving scholars and leaders in high school, college, and beyond. At Achievement Prep, love is at our core and we believe ALL scholars are deserving. With families as our partners and teachers as a main ingredient, exceptional academic results are possible. Achievement Prep graduates are lifelong learners, passionate leaders, critical thinkers, and self-loving dreamers, ready to meet the challenges of high school, college, and beyond.

Our Legacy

Achievement Prep isn’t just a school; we are a promise of progress. A promise to change the lives of our scholars, community, and future generations for the better. We promise to be the educational fuel that ignites a love for learning and knowledge. Our teachers and faculty are the keys to closing the achievement gap. Not only do they encompass our vision, but they believe in it and live by it to help create the most impactful environment possible. Change begins now. Change begins here.

Three Generations

Together, we do “three-generational work,” knowing that if we change the lives of our scholars, we change the lives of their parents and the lives of their future children.

Why Choose Achievement Prep

Tuition-free public charter school
Best teachers in the city
Firm belief that all students can succeed
College-prep program
Focus on literacy and math
1:1 Chromebook for every scholar
Character development
Safe and structured environment
Extended school day

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