New Scholar Registration

All Achievement Prep scholars, both returning and newly admitted, must submit all required forms in order to attend Achievement Prep in the 2024–2025 school year.

Registration for New Scholars

If your child was matched with Achievement Prep through the My School DC lottery, we are thrilled to welcome you and your scholar to our family! We are a community of dedicated and supportive educators who are committed to providing our scholars with the high quality education that they deserve. Matched families from the first round of the lottery should complete required enrollment documentation by Wednesday, May 1, 2024 in order to accept and guarantee enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year. After May 1st, waitlisted families will have 5 days from the time they were extended an offer to complete all of the required enrollment documentation.

Once you’ve been matched to Achievement Prep, we will send your scholar’s electronic registration code (InfoSnap) and instructions via email.  You may complete the process electronically or in-person.  On-site registration hours are between 9 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday to assist families with completing forms. There is no cost to complete the registration process. Scholars who do not submit required documentation by the specified deadline risk losing their seat, so we encourage you to submit your registration materials as soon as possible.

Required registration documentation for newly admitted scholars is as follows:

Online Registration Form (InfoSnap) - Must be submitted first!

To use InfoSnap, please go to this site and enter the unique Snapcode that was emailed to you by Achievement Prep to log in.

Once you are in the system, answer all required fields. You can securely save your work and come back to it at a later time if necessary. For technical assistance at any point in this process, please contact the InfoSnap Support Line, toll free at 866-752-6850 (9:00am – 5:30pm EST) or

For nontechnical questions, please reach out directly to your campus:
AppleTree@Achievement Prep (PK3-PK4) – Natacha Johnson at or (202) 853-3248
Elementary/Middle School (K-5th) – Tamiko Singleton at or (202) 738-6021

DC Proof of Residency Documents
Proof of Residency may be submitted electronically or in-person.  Electronic documents must be legible and we may request the original document at a later date, so please hold onto your documentation.  Documents submitted in-person must be originals, not copies. All documents must include the name of the parent or legal guardian enrolling the scholar.

  • We recommend ONE of the following:
    • a pay stub (issued within 45 days with your DC address and DC taxes, not MD or VA)
    • proof of financial assistance from the DC Government on official letterhead or sent directly from a DC office (such as Housing Assistance, TANF, or Food Stamps)
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) annual benefits notification
    • Verification Letter and Military Housing Orders
  • Or TWO of the following with the same name and address on both documents:
    • unexpired DC motor vehicle registration
    • unexpired lease or rental agreement
    • unexpired DC motor vehicle operator’s permit (or other official non-driver identification)
    • a utility bill (only gas, electric and water bills are acceptable)

For a complete list of acceptable residency documents, please see list here.

Scholar Birth Certificate

Scholar birth certificate (original, not a copy) must be submitted in person or electronically.

Parent/Guardian Proof of Identity

Proof of identity can only be submitted in person or electronically, and must be an unexpired, legal form of identification (drivers license, state ID, or passport).

Most Recent Report Card

The most recent report card must be submitted in person or electronically during the registration process.

Home Language Survey

As part of the enrollment process in DC, all parents and guardians must complete the Home Language Survey. For all students who are enrolling in a DC school for the first time, parents must complete the OSSE Home Language Survey at the time of enrollment. The purpose of the three questions below is to determine if your child needs English language proficiency screening. If the answers to questions 1, 2 or 3 indicate a language other than English, the school must screen your child for possible identification as an English learner using a screener test.

DC Universal Health Form

The DC Universal Health Form can be printed from InfoSnap or our website, but it must be submitted in person.

For scholars who have health forms expiring now or any time before September 1, 2024, new Health Forms must be submitted by the first day of school. An appointment card will hold your scholar’s space until the Health Form can be completed by your scholar’s physician.

DC Oral Health Form

The DC Oral Health Form can be printed from InfoSnap or our website, but it must be submitted in person.

For scholars who have Dental Forms expiring now or any time before September 1, 2024, new Dental Forms must be submitted by the first day of school. An appointment card will hold your scholar’s space until the Dental Form can be completed by your scholar’s physician.