Our Story

Our Story

Achievement Prep is a network of high-performing, college preparatory schools located east of the Anacostia River in Ward 8 of Washington, DC. Achievement Prep schools are tuition-free, open enrollment schools. Founded to close the achievement gap and address the educational needs in the community, Achievement Prep schools are award-winning and have been recognized for their immediate impact in closing the achievement gap between low-income and affluent students in Washington, DC.

Our scholars have been among the top performing scholars in the District, often outperforming their peers in more affluent neighborhoods. The flagship middle school campus opened in 2008 with 68 4th and 5th graders and has grown to its full capacity of over 400 scholars in grades 4–8. Achievement Prep opened its second campus and second campus in August 2013, serving over 230 scholars in grades K–3.

In August 2016, through the Wahler Place Redevelopment Project, Achievement Prep combined its elementary and middle schools into one campus serving 1,000 scholars, grades PK3-8 in two state-of-the-art buildings. Additionally, Achievement Prep has expanded and serves approximately 160 preschool-aged scholars, in partnership with Appletree Early Learning PCS.

Achievement Prep has plans to continue to expand and open new campuses east of the Anacostia River in the coming years.

Achievement Prep Schools are closed 3/16 - 4/27. Click Here to access remote learning materials and updates.