Monica Jones

Monica J. Jones is an accomplished professional with a strong background in business operations management and education. Currently serving as the Managing Director of Operations at Achievement Prep Academy, Ms. Jones brings extensive expertise and a deep commitment to driving the success of the school’s mission and objectives.

With over 21 years of experience, Ms. Jones has established herself as a valuable asset in the field of education. She began her journey in the Spring of 2013 as a member of the founding staff and joined the implementation team at Community College Preparatory Academy, where she served as the Director of Operations. Her outstanding contributions and dedication to the school’s growth and development led to her current position at Achievement Prep Academy.

Ms. Jones holds an undergraduate degree in accounting, demonstrating her strong foundation in financial management. Additionally, she is only three credits away from completing her MBA, further enhancing her knowledge and skills in business administration. Her comprehensive understanding of both financial and operational aspects enables her to efficiently oversee the school’s human resources operations, management of the physical plant, and fiscal and budgetary matters.

As a passionate leader, Ms. Jones takes great pride in her work and is dedicated to meeting the needs of both students and staff. Her commitment to ensuring that these needs are met in a timely manner has earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues. She consistently strives to create an environment that fosters growth, learning, and success for all.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Ms. Jones enjoys spending time outdoors and cherishes moments with her son.

Ms. Jones’s unique blend of experience, expertise, and passion makes her an invaluable asset to Achievement Prep Academy. Her dedication to the school’s mission and her unwavering commitment to student and staff well-being set her apart as a true leader in the field of education.