Khaatima Zaid

Khaatima serves as Achievement Prep’s Director of Scholar Support. She is responsible for the administration and supervision of the network’s special education (scholar support) program, mental health, and English Language Learner services. She serves as a leader in the implementation of
Achievement Prep’s scholar support policies and procedures and works cooperatively with all instructional leaders, staff and families to provide an appropriate education program for scholars with disabilities (Star Scholars). With over a decade in education, Khaatima has dedicated the last 8 years to
DC Public Charter Schools as a Special Education Teacher and Special Education Coordinator. Khaatima has received recognition and awards for academic growth and outcomes of her scholars as a Special Education Teacher. As a Special Education Coordinator, she managed the implementation of all specialized supports for students with disabilities, the mental health team, and services for English Language Learners, which required her to establish instructional norms, guidelines and professional development. She also assisted with the Special Education Department stabilizing and exceeding its
compliance metrics, attracted and developed talent, and produced significantly stronger outcomes for students in exceptional populations on a variety of metrics. She believes in proving what’s possible when you include and individualize for every single scholar. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies and a Master of Arts in Special Education from Ashford University, and an Education Specialist Degree in Special Education from Northcentral University.

Director of Scholar Support