On September 6, 2016, Achievement Prep welcomed approximately 1,000 scholars and platinum families to our newly renovated Wahler Place Campus! For the first time, we are thrilled that our community includes PK-3 and PK-4 scholars.Ryan_Robert

The Mobley Family joined the Achievement Prep community three years ago when they enrolled their eldest son, Robert, in kindergarten. We are honored to welcome Robert to the third grade and his younger brother, Ryan, to kindergarten.

Mr. and Mrs. Mobley discussed their decision to enroll their scholars at Achievement Prep with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Stay tuned for the article and video featuring the Mobley family!

Mobley Family 1

Robert and Ryan enjoyed catching-up with Robert’s second grade platinum teachers, Mr. Penn and Ms. Paen.

Mobleys and Pl T 2

It was a great first week for us all!

Thank you to the Mobley family and all of our platinum families for being a part of the Achievement Prep family! It is our honor and privilege to work with you!



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