Social-Emotional Wellness Newsletter #4

Distance Learning for Parents:

We Are Teachers is an online resource which works to inspire and support teachers across the US. During this time, this website recognizes that ALL of us are teachers and are providing a variety of resources to help support learning at home. This growing list of online learning resources offers a wealth of resources for all ages of students, parents, and teachers. And to make it better, many companies are choosing to make their products free for schools, teachers, and students during these turbulent times.

Self-Care for Parents

The article How Parent Can Help Their Children During the Pandemic in Psychology Today Magazine provides great information for parents on how to support your scholar in times of stress and crisis. Parents can see how stress manifests itself in different age groups and provides tips and strategies to help your scholar overcome their stress during these challenging times. 

Scholar SEL Activity: Three Collective Breaths 


Scholars will: 

  • Practice taking time to reflect on themselves by drawing and/or writing
  • Identify their dreams and aspirations



  • Paper 
  • Pencil and/or markers/crayons


The Big Idea:

When we take time to reflect on our aspirations and set intentions in writing or drawing it can serve as a powerful source of inspiration and accountability


  1. Have scholars settle into a comfortable seated position
  2. Scholars will place one hand on their heart
  3. Scholars will gently close their eyes or focus their eyes on the ground, whichever feels more comfortable
  4. Ask scholars to breathe in and out and begin to think about the greatest hopes and dreams they have for themselves. You can say: “Ask yourself “What would it look like for me to be the happiest, greatest version of myself?” 
  5. Ask scholars to picture their dreams coming true. You ask them to think about: Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with?
  6. Ask scholars to think about what is happening inside them. You can ask them to think about: How are you feeling as your greatest version of you? What is happening inside your body?
  7. Ask scholars to take a deep breath in and out. Repeat 2 more times
  8. Ask scholars to open their eyes and take their hopes and dreams to their paper
  9. Ask scholars to use their paper and pencil/markers/crayons to draw out what they were thinking about and their hopes and dreams for their greatest selves. Ask scholars to write out what their hopes and dreams are once they have completed their drawings. 

After the activity debrief questions: 


  • What are your hopes and dreams for yourself? 
  • What did it feel like to picture yourself achieving your hopes and dreams? 
  • When would it be helpful to remember your hopes and dreams? 


Suggestions for success: 

  • Providing a variety of artistic materials or colors will help encourage creativity
  • Encourage scholars to write out their hopes and dreams in addition to their artistic rendition 

Scholar Movement Activity: Yoga 4 Classrooms Tree Pose

Keep yourself and your scholar active, engaged, and stress-free during the school closure. 

These mindfulness activities led by Lisa Flynn, founder of Yoga 4 Classrooms, are designed for parents to learn, share and/or practice the along with their scholar or children at home. 

You can watch Mindful Activity of the Day: Tree Pose on YouTube or use the card below to learn the pose. 

The Tree Pose is designed to promote body awareness, focus and balance.  

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