Grading FAQ for Scholars and Families

Q: What is the plan for distance learning at Achievement Prep in Quarter 3?
A: Achievement Prep is committed to providing scholars with an opportunity to engage in instruction during the disruption in teaching and learning resulting from coronavirus (COVID-19) school closures. Achievement Prep’s remote learning plan provides scholars with access to both online and print learning activities/materials that enrich scholars’ prior academic learning experiences while scholars are not physically able to attend school.

Q: What are the dates of Quarter 3 and when will Quarter 3 be over?
A: Quarter 3 began on Monday, February 3rd and will now end on Friday, April 24th. Quarter 4 will begin on Monday, April 27th

Q: How should scholars turn in quarter 3 distance learning work to their teachers?
A: All distance learning materials distributed to date (through April 24th) will be due no later than Friday, April 24th.  Achievement Prep will schedule and communicate specific expectations for turning in work that may include email, uploading through a specified platform, physical mail, drop-off points, etc.  We want to make sure we are keeping all stakeholders safe.

Q: How will quarter 3 distance learning work be graded?
A: During this distance learning period, when much of our instructional support (including office hours) is being offered online, we know that scholars will have different levels of access to technology and workspaces for learning — so much is out of their control. Therefore, teachers will grade scholar work without penalizing them for assignments that they were not able to access or complete. Teachers will offer many varied opportunities for scholars to display mastery and engagement, and any distance learning work completed and turned in can only benefit a scholar’s academic status.

Assignments and activities that scholars engage in during learning at home period will be used to improve a scholar’s quarter 3 grades. For each week of distance learning, teachers will grade scholar work. These grades will be averaged into a scholar’s quarter 3 grade and used only to improve a scholar’s overall standing.  Scholars who do not complete distance learning work by specified timeline will not be penalized and will receive the quarter 3 grade they earned as of March 13, prior to the closure.

How do I know what my scholars’ grades are as of March 13?
March 13th marked the midway point of quarter 3 prior to our closure.  Progress reports were developed and are available in PowerSchool. Families can log in to PowerSchool here using your parent PowerSchool login.  If you do not recall or have a parent PowerSchool login, please contact your scholar campus as follows:

          Elementary scholars: Ms. Dannah at or (202) 738-6627
          Middle school scholars: Mr. Harris at or (202) 738-3455


Q: How will this distance learning period impact high school status for current 8th grade scholars?
A: Generally speaking, high schools evaluate scholars within the context of their middle school (and school district). As schools like Achievement Prep make the decision on how they will grade scholars during COVID-19 closures, local high schools are looking to be flexible but will need consistency in grading (i.e. pass/fail, letter grades) and would need to know what learning options were presented to scholars.  We encourage all of our 8th grade scholars to thoughtfully engage in distance learning and complete and submit materials in a timely manner so their quarter 3 grades are as strong as possible.
Q: Since schools will not reopen on April 27th, what is the plan for quarter 4?
A: Our scholars’ learning is our top priority.  Achievement Prep is currently working on contingency planning for post April 27th and will keep families informed of next steps once plans are finalized.  We thank you for your patience in this unpredictable situation. 


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