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Message to the Community We Serve

In 2008, the Washington Highlands community of SEDC opened its arms and embraced a small proposed school named Achievement Prep. Twelve years later this proposed school has become a staple in the community and is, and has always been, proud to be part of the SE DC Ward 8 community. We take our mission to prepare students to excel as high-achieving scholars and leaders in high school, college and beyond very seriously. We are committed to developing and fostering strong character in them so that they, too, can be change agents in a world often set up against them. We also want the best out of ourselves, but we have faced some severe challenges in trying to provide a quality educational experience for our middle school scholars.

Families have vested in us the privilege of educating their scholars and we hold the privilege with the highest regard. We expect the best of ourselves, and we have faced some severe challenges in achieving our mission for our middle school scholars. We have not kept our promise to our middle school families and our middle school is not performing at the high standards we set for ourselves.

What matters to us most is our ability to offer our families and the Ward 8 community an excellent education where scholars grow academically and socially. Right now, Achievement Prep middle school campus is not offering that. Therefore, after much deliberation, our Board of Trustees made the very difficult decision on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, to close our Wahler Place Middle School campus at the end of the current school year.. This decision was not entered in to lightly.

Because our scholars matter most and we are determined to ensure our scholars are properly educated at the level they deserve, we have proposed a plan that will ensure scholars have a seat at a higher performing school. Simultaneously, the proposed plan will allow Achievement Prep to refocus its efforts and be the network that not only honors its commitment to the community, but thrives and serves as a proof point of what is possible in SE DC from prek3 through 8th grade.

How we plan to do this:

    • We are excited to partner with Friendship Public Charter School (FPCS). On Monday, February 24, 2020, The DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB) authorized FPCS to operate a new middle school at our Wahler Place Middle School campus location for 20-21SY. The intent of this partnership is to minimize as much disruption as possible to our current 3rd to 7th grade scholars. These scholars will have an opportunity to apply for a seat at the FPCS Wahler Place campus and become members of the FPCS network yet be located at Achievement Prep Wahler Place location.
    • Further, PCSB Enrollment Specialists will work with current middle school scholars and their families who desire an alternative to the FPCS campus at Wahler Place. We will also hold a school fair for families interested in learning about other middle school options. Our operations team will work directly with families who need support determining next steps should families not want to remain at the FPCS campus at Wahler Place.
    • Achievement Prep will petition the PCSB to reconfigure the current elementary campus to serve grades prek3 -8 so that eventually we can slowly restart our middle school campus out of an even stronger foundation. We have made great gains at the elementary campus and we expect that to continue.
    • For scholars currently enrolled in grades preK 3 through 2nd the elementary campus will remain open and thriving. Scholars will continue to attend Achievement Prep Wahler Place Elementary Campus with a strengthened elementary school.

This proposed reconfiguration of the Achievement Prep network and partnership with FPCS was approved on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, by the Achievement Prep Board of Trustees at a public board meeting and FPCS will go before the DC PCSB in February for their approval. We have put a lot of thought into this plan, with a focus on what is best for our scholars, their families and the community. 

We are proud of our role in the community and will continue to play an active part with our elementary school and with our mission to help foster the next generation of leaders. We ask for your continued support as we move ahead with our new vision and look forward to celebrating our successes with you.  Please do not hesitate to reach out at info@aprepacademy.org if you have any questions or call us at (202) 562-1307 ext.105


Jason Andrean
Board Chair

Shantelle Wright
Founder and CEO


Platinum Parent Resources

As an Achievement Prep Platinum Parent, we want you to be a fully informed member of the Wahler Place Middle Campus. We are committed to providing important and timely information to our families. If you need help understanding this information, have further questions, or wish to share suggestions about topics of interest, please contact our please contact our Operations Coordinator, Stephone Harris, at sharris@achievementprep.org.


Achievement Prep has events for scholars and families throughout the year, and we hope you will be informed and involved! To review the schedule for these events, and for student testing, holidays, and other programs, please see our calendars by visiting our Calendar page.

Powerschool Parent Portal

PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and scholars access to online information including attendance, grades, detailed assignment descriptions, and school bulletins. Everyone stays connected: scholars stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate more fully in their scholar’s progress, and the school can share information with parents and scholars.  To access PowerSchool, visit aprep-dc.powerschool.com/public. If you do not already have a PowerSchool Parent Account, select the Create Account tab, enter your information and the access ID and password provided to you at Back to School Night.  Then, click the blue “enter” button to finish creating your account. If you do not know your PowerSchool access ID or password or have any questions, please contact our Operations Coordinator, Stephone Harris, at sharris@achievementprep.org.

KickBoard Parent Portal

Do you want to know where your scholar’s paycheck stands before Wednesday? Do you want to know how many DREAM Dollars your scholar earned today? Are you curious if your scholar is missing a homework assignment? You can do all of this on KickBoard, the online portal Achievement Prep uses to track scholar behavior. To access KickBoard, visit www.kickboardforteachers.com/home/signin. If you do not already have a PowerSchool Parent Account, select Create New Account and enter your scholar’s birthday and the access code provided to you at Back to School Night. If you do know your KickBoard access code or have any questions, please contact our Operations Coordinator, Stephone Harris, at sharris@achievementprep.org.

Promoting a Safe Environment

Achievement Prep is dedicated to maintaining a safe, healthy learning environment for all scholars. In order to do so, we strictly adhere to a bully prevention and intervention policy. If you have any questions about the policy, please contact the Principal, Crykle Lomax at clomax@achievementprep.org.

Culture Team, Wahler Place Middle School Campus

Tanya Tilghman

Phone: (202) 562-1214

Additional Parental Resources:
Achievement Prep’s Mental Health Clinicians have compiled a list of resources for parents to support their scholar(s) from home:

Annual Reports

Because we believe our Platinum Parents are our greatest resources, we want every parent to be informed about the state of our schools. Please see the 2017-18  and 2018-19 Annual Reports for information about Achievement Prep policies, staff, and success. Please see the 2018 Elementary and 2018 Middle School Performance Report from the Public Charter School Board for information about school characteristics and scholar performance.

Non-Discrimination Policy

In accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VI”), Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (“Section 504”), Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”), the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 (“The Age Act”), and the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act, applicants for admission and employment, students, parents, employees, sources of referral of applicants for admission and employment, and all unions or professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements with Achievement Prep are hereby notified that Achievement Prep does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

For more information on how these policies apply to all DC students, see OSSE Procedural Safeguards.

Students, parents and/or guardians having inquiries concerning Achievement Prep’s compliance with Section 504 or the ADA as it applies to students or who wish to file a complaint regarding such compliance should contact the individual below who has been designated by Achievement Prep to coordinate its efforts to comply with the regulations implementing Section 504 and ADA:

Section 504 & ADA Coordinator:
Steaven Hamlin
(202) 562-1307

For inquiries regarding Achievement Prep’s nondiscrimination policies or to file a complaint regarding Achievement Prep’s compliance with ADA, Section 504 as it relates to employees or third parties, and compliance with Title VI, Title IX, the Age Act, and the Boy Scouts Act as it relates to students, employees and third parties contact:

Greg Gaines
(202) 562-1307

For further information on notice of nondiscrimination, visit http://wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov/CFAPPS/OCR/contactus.cfm or call 1-800-421-3481 for the address and phone number of the office that serves your area.

For information about Achievement Prep’s grievance procedures, please click here. For a Formal Grievance Form, please click here.


Pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Achievement Preparatory Public Charter School has a duty to identify, refer, evaluate and if eligible, provide a free, appropriate public education to disabled students. For additional information about the rights of parents of eligible children, or for answers to any questions you might have about identification, evaluation and placement into special education or Section 504 programs, please contact our Director of Scholar Support Services at shamlin@achievementprep.org or (202) 562-1307.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Program

Scholars who are deemed McKinney-Vento are provided resources from the school to support scholar’s educational needs. Communication to parents are sent out twice a year to ensure we do not miss any scholars in need. For more information on APA’s McKinney-Vento program, please contact our LEA liaison, Saymah Nah, Director of Family and Community Engagement at snah@achievementprep.org.

FERPA Policy

Achievement Prep complies with all D.C. and federal laws regarding student privacy.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provides parents and students over 18 years of age (“eligible students”) certain rights with respect to the student’s education records.

These rights are:

  • The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of the day Achievement Prep receives a request for access. Parents or eligible students should submit to the School principal a written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect. The School principal will make arrangements for access and notify the parent or eligible student of the time and place where the records may be inspected.
  • The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate. Parents or eligible students may ask Achievement Prep to amend a record that they believe is inaccurate. They should write the School principal, clearly identify the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate. If Achievement Prep decides not to amend the record as requested by the parent or eligible student, Achievement Prep will notify the parent or eligible student of the decision and advise them of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment. Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the parent or eligible student when notified of the right to a hearing.
  • The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. FERPA allows schools to disclose those records, without consent, to the following parties or under the following conditions (34 CFR § 99.31):
  • School officials with legitimate educational interest;
  • Other schools to which a student is transferring;
  • Specified officials for audit or evaluation purposes;
  • Appropriate parties in connection with financial aid to a student;
  • Organizations conducting certain studies for or on behalf of the school;
  • Accrediting organizations;
  • To comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena;
  • Appropriate officials in cases of health and safety emergencies; and
  • State and local authorities, within a juvenile justice system, pursuant to specific State law
  • The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the School District to comply with the requirements of FERPA.

Achievement Prep reserves the right to disclose, without consent, “directory” information such as a student’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, honors and awards, and dates of attendance. Parents and eligible students who do not want the school to disclose directory information must request in writing to the school principal.

The name and address of the Office that administers FERPA are:

Family Policy Compliance Office

U.S. Department of Education

400 Maryland Avenue, SW

Washington, DC 20202-5901


If your scholar needs medication during the day, you must complete a medical authorization form and return it to the main office.

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