Wahler Place Middle School Team

Campus Leaders

Name Position Email Address
Shantelle Wright Acting Principal swright@achievementprep.org
Brittany Hullinger Dean of Operations bhullinger@achievementprep.org
Yolanda Barber Dean of Curriculum & Instruction ybarber@achievementprep.org
Erica Franklin Dean of Curriculum & Instruction efranklin@achievementprep.org
Robert Allen Dean of Solutions rallen@achievementprep.org
DeWayne Boone Dean of Solutions dboone@achievementprep.org
Leala Bowens Families and Community Coordinator lbowens@achievementprep.org

Platinum Teachers

Name Position Email Address
Christina Brown 4th Grade Math Teacher cbrown@achievementprep.org
Desiree Samuel 4th Grade ELA Teacher dsamuel@achievementprep.org
Queen-Icisis Ali-Travers 5th Grade Math Teacher qtravers@achievementprep.org
Tramaine Pickett 5th Grade ELA Teacher tpickett@achievementprep.org
Cabell Williams 5th Grade Science Teacher cwilliams@achievementprep.org
Greg Cooke 6th Grade Math Teacher gcooke@achievementprep.org
Sarah Pfirman 6th Grade ELA Teacher spfirman@achievementprep.org
Norman Brown 6th Grade History Teacher normanbrown@achievementprep.org
Randall Hill 7th Grade ELA Teacher rhill@achievementprep.org
Courtney Berry 7th Grade ELA Teacher cberry@achievementprep.org
Samantha Morrow 8th Grade ELA Teacher smorrow@achievementprep.org
Michael Veale 8th Grade History Teacher mveale@achievementprep.org
Tiara Veney Instructional Support Teacher tveney@achievementprep.org
Theorn Vincent Instructional Support Teacher tvincent@achievementprep.org
DeHavon Scott Music Teacher dscott@achievementprep.org
Nathan Seymour Physical Education Teacher nseymour@achievementprep.org
Fidel Andrada Technology Teacher fandrada@achievementprep.org
Christina Abney Art Teacher cabney@achievementprep.org
Anne (Beth) Roberson Spanish Teacher broberson@achievementprep.org
Edward Shields Scholar Support Teacher eshields@achievementprep.org
Brittney Williams Scholar Support Teacher bwilliams@achievementprep.org
Julian Curry Scholar Support Teacher jcurry@achievementprep.org
Kristina Morrissey Scholar Support Teacher kmorrissey@achievementprep.org
Matthew Barker Scholar Support Teacher & PE Teacher mbarker@achievementprep.org
Robin Walls Couch Reading Specialist rcouch@achievementprep.org
Ivey Fowler Dedicated Aide
Apreya Days Dedicated Aide adays@achievementprep.org

Oxygen Team

Name Position Email Address
Shantius Jackson School Counselor shantiusjackson@achievementprep.org
Kimmie Kirkland Office Coordinator kkirkland@achievementprep.org
Sabrina Holliday Cultural Associate sholliday@achievementprep.org